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South Wales: 01291 497280

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Interim Recruitment

Do you need Contractors & Interim's for short term roles?




Have you investigated the impact of Covid-19 & Brexit on your business?

Our pool of contractors is immediately available, fully referenced and come with a proven track record of delivery.

Not only do they have considerable experience in delivering solutions, but they are adept at fitting seamlessly into an organisation’s culture and teams.

As a flexible and cost-effective resource, you can concentrate on running your function, allowing a contractor to focus on specific projects as required. Additionally, they can bring considerable skill and insight to you and your team in delivering what can often be business-critical needs.

Ultimately, you’re in control, but a contractor can make all the difference when it comes to meeting that all important deadline or delivering a project on time, easing the pressure on your existing team.

So whether you’re planning a change of direction for your team, needing to cover absence or have a project that’s upcoming, why not contact Autograph to discuss further?

Interested in placing a position with us?

We can provide you with a shortlist of candidates that meet your requirements within days.

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